E-Safety is back on the Ofsted agenda

Over the summer, Ofsted have updated their inspection guidance starting with the publication of a new School Inspection Handbook and e-safety is now specifically mentioned in two of the four key areas for inspection:
– The behaviour and safety of pupils at the school
– Quality of leadership in, and management of, the school

Within the behaviour grade descriptors for an outstanding school you should be able to demonstrate that:
‘All groups of pupils feel safe at school and at alternative provision placements at all times. They understand very clearly what constitutes unsafe situations and are highly aware of how to keep themselves and others safe, including in relation to e-safety.’

To support this, there is a new section 5 briefing document titled ‘Inspecting e-safety’ that outlines exactly what schools will need to consider when self evaluating their provision. Unsurprisingly, the document is based on their findings from the 2010 report ‘The safe use of new technologies”. The briefing document expands on the themes in this report to describe key features of Good and Outstanding practice as well as indicators of Inadequate practice.