Creating a Twitter hash tag archive

This was not as easy as I first thought!

Following two successful events, I wanted to create an archive of the tweets that I could share online. I found various ways I could import the tweets as posts from a particular user but not from a hashtag. Looking at how the #edchat feed was archived led me to Jerry Swiatek’s articles on using Archivist which has allowed me to save a local copy of the feeds and upload them as a Google spreadsheet but not display them as cleanly in a page as I would like. Further research led to Martin Hawksey’s blog post and Google spreadsheet which after several false starts has now been configured for the two hastags.

When time allows I will revist this to see if I can find a different way to display the information directly within WordPress.

All gone!

Well it’s all gone horribly wrong this morning as I have completely destroyed my website while trying to update it. Just to add to the misery, my archive and backup is corrupted so I’m starting from scratch.

Oh well, I wouldn’t want to get bored.