Integrating sites

Currently I find the range of social media sites a challenge to manage so I am looking at ways to post one and distribute the message.

I can tweet links from this blog and appear to have linked the tweets to my Facebook page which is a start.

Tumblr and Instagram will be the next challenges.

e-Safety – Are you meeting the needs of your learners?

messaging app iconsDo you know your Binweevil from your Club Penguin or Moshi Monster? How is your Minecraft?

E-safety is a broad area to cover from a teaching point of view. Not only do you need to address the issues that your pupils could currently be facing but you also need to start preparing them for issues that they may face as they get older. These issues were broadly defined in the research project begun in 2007 (1) as:

Content – what they view on-line

Contact – who they are interacting with

Conduct – how they behave in these environments

While they still provide an accurate summary of the risks today there have been rapid changes in technology, software and access. Continue reading

Moodle as an introduction to social networking

hands typingTeaching pupils how to use social networking sites appropriately can present a challenge, especially for primary schools when the new Computing curriculum states that at Key Stage 1 Pupils should be taught to: communicate safely and respectfully online, keeping personal information private. This is compounded by the fact that the minimum age for popular sites is usually 13. This is where your virtual learning environment can help. Moodle offers schools a safe alternative for introducing the concepts of social networking, modeling best practice and setting up teaching scenarios within a closed environment that provides a full log of everything that the pupil say and do. Continue reading

Snapchat – Real-time Picture Chatting for iOS and Android

Snapchat is a new way to share moments with friends. Snap an ugly selfie or a video, add a caption, and send it to a friend (or maybe a few). They’ll receive it, laugh, and then the snap disappears.

via Snapchat – Real-time Picture Chatting for iOS and Android.

While Snapchat may present some definite challenges they have a well written parents guide on the site

Limit teaching to four hours a day, says union

Limit teaching to four hours a day, says union.

“Teachers have called for the time they spend teaching pupils to be capped at 20 hours a week – four hours a day.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) passed a motion on Tuesday demanding a new working week of 20 hours’ teaching time, up to 10 hours of lesson preparation and marking, and five hours of other duties, including time spent inputting data and at parents’ evenings.”

Now there is a challenge.